Longe Range Cruiser (LRC),
easy to operate and
comfortable to live on



The workshop access is through a hatch in the starboard side cockpit locker; a comfortable ladder leads to a workbench with a vice, power points and tool storage. The workshop has room for a washer/dryer and freezer or a second (day) head.

There is a soundproof door into the engine room from the workshop. There is good soundproofing throughout the engine room. The 90hp engine is equipped with dual fuel filters and an easy to use fuel polishing and transfer system. Fuel can be moved freely between all the tanks. There is also space for a 220V generator, a water maker, a Kabola diesel heater which also produces the hot water. The electrical system (24V) is professionally designed and installed. The service batteries (525Ah@24V and up) have found a spot outside the engine room. The engine room systems are protected by a certified fire protection system.

The LRC comes equipped with AIS and satellite phone communications along with the basic systems such as VHF, 4G radar, chart plotter, engine, and navgear instruments.

There is ample room on the wheelhouse roof to mount solar panels especially if one chooses the extended roof option. The boat can be equipped with air conditioning and a black water sewage unit.

All systems are within easy reach for maintenance.

LRC58 #5 buildPHOTOS

Artnautica Europe is actively involved in the construction and
fitting out of the Dutch built LRC58 passagemakers as designed by Dennis Harjamaa (NZ)

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