Longe Range Cruiser (LRC),
easy to operate and
comfortable to live on



Do you happen to own a sailboat right now and are you considering replacing it with a motorboat? Or do you want to know how others think of the LRC design and sailor motorboats in general? Then we advise you to have a look at https://www.morganscloud.com/series/sailors-motor-boat/.

Part of the chapters on that subject is paid content. If you are interested to read on then drop us a line (info@artnautica.euand tell us why you are interested in the LRC design.

We will supply you with a gift voucher for a one year membership to the website. You will find morganscloud.com very informative on a wide range of sailing and cruising related topics, with an enthusiastic yet civilised forum of fellow boaters to learn from.

LRC58 #3 buildPHOTOS

Artnautica Europe has been involved in the construction and fitting out of LRC58 #3

Contact us if you are interested in technical or pricing information