Longe Range Cruiser (LRC),
easy to operate and
comfortable to live on




The LRC58 hull is very sleek with maximum waterline length. The interior volume is kept relatively small compared to the overall length. Most trawler type boats in this length category are much heavier, beamier and higher, have much more internal volume, weight, and therefore cost. A low displacement to length ratio is crucial for effortless cruising speeds and low fuel consumption.

One of the key elements in achieving efficiency is the controllable pitch propeller (CPP). There is a manually operated hydraulic pump at the helm for adjusting the pitch. With an exhaust gas temperature gauge this allows the engine to be loaded up to optimum operating temperature regardless of the conditions thus extracting the maximum mileage from every litre of fuel. We understand that everybody does not want the added complexity of a CPP system, therefore the boat is available with a fixed propeller option as well.


The LRC58 structure is strong without being over engineered. She is stiffened with 8mm transverse frames and full length girders and stringers. The hull bottom panel is 8mm thick, topsides are 6mm and deck is 5mm. The keel provides directional stability as well as good protection for the propeller and rudder. A propeller tunnel enables a shallow propeller shaft angle of only two degrees.


The LRC58 has low centre of gravity which makes for a stiff boat underway at sea. She has a reassuring firm ride. The hull shape provides the stability. The LRC58 is self-righting from a knockdown. There is an option of fitting either paravanes, gyro or active fin stabilisers for added comfort.

LRC58 #5 buildPHOTOS

Artnautica Europe is actively involved in the construction and
fitting out of the Dutch built LRC58 passagemakers as designed by Dennis Harjamaa (NZ)

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June 2018 — LRC58 #4 RAW was delivered from Auckland NZ to Phuket Thailand, a trip of a little more…

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